Who wanders here?

2018 is the peregrine falcon bird of the year. It is a cosmopolitan. It inhabits, except Antarctica, all the continents of the world. In addition, it can be found on almost all islands and archipelagos, with the exception of the Caribbean, New Zealand and Iceland. The peregrine falcon is thus the most widespread bird in the world. This distribution is largely due to the very unspecific habitat requirements: a suitable breeding site and sufficient food. The norther the peregrine falcon is home, the higher its desire is to move in winter into warmer climes.

Like the peregrine falcon, I belong to the genus of globetrotters. For me, life means mastering new challenges, constantly reorienting myself and inventing myself – even in everyday life. Therefore, this blog not only tells of the places I travel but also of places where I live and work. Originally from Berlin, Germany, Asia has become my favorite region in the last 10 years. The first contact with Bali in 2007 changed my life fundamentally. Since then I live, work and travel mainly in Asia. In 2010, the decision was made for Thailand, where I lived until mid-2014. A year back in Germany showed me quickly that settledness no longer belonged to my nature. Full of energy and anticipation, it was therefore in 2015 that I went to China, where I live and work today. Every free minute I use to discover the inexhaustible secrets and attractions of this region.

Today I like to return to Germany and Europe, as a traveler. But my home is where I find a roof over my head and something to eat, sometimes in an apartment, a hostel bed, a tent or just a hammock. It is not about cheap travel. I have two goals: to keep my ecological footprint as small as possible and to get as close to the people in the country as possible. As a result, I usually travel very slowly. “Around the world in 80 days”, “50 countries in one year”, that’s what makes my hair stand up. On each of my trips, I rediscover the slowness of travelling, on the fishing boat in Thailand, on a 13-hour train ride in Myanmar, in a minibus with nine people slowly pushing up the mountains of the Laos outback. This is my way of traveling, at eye level with the people of the country, with time to be able to enjoy the country with all my senses, with the desire to take as much everyday life as possible, not just to rip off the sights.

Why am I writing my blog the way I write it?

There are countless travel blogs that detail what happened when and where. Does it really interest the reader on the screen at home if I have not found a toilet for three hours? Some maybe, others not. I want to whet appetite for the world with my blog, which primarily talks through the pictures. Our all home, this fascinating planet Earth is a gift and I want to share my own perspective on this marvel with all who are interested in it. For me, 2018 is a year full of new experiences and impressions and the first step in a hitherto undiscovered region: Central Asia. Welcome to the Peregrine Falcon – not just in 2018, because my life is my journey and the journey continues …….