Huiyuan Museum - Museum of Huiyuan

Museum of Huiyuan, Xinjiang 2018

Southeast of Huocheng is the ancient city of Huiyuan, which had military significance during the Qing Dynasty. Today, the museum is located in the house of the former General of Ili. Here are mainly objects and documents around the history of Ili and Huiyuan issued. The museum is not particularly interesting, but the complex with the various old buildings has a certain charm. It is very green and so you can, especially on hot days, take a walk in the pleasant shade of the trees.

Next to the museum are the restored North and East Gate, the Bell and Drum Tower, the Confucius Temple, an old government office and the Russian Consulate points of interest in Huiyuan. However, apart from the Bell and Drum Tower, 2018 all other buildings were closed due to renovation. Therefore, after visiting the museum was only a walk through the city streets possible.


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