Volkspark - People's Park

People’s Park, Urumqi 2018

The People’s Park is an urban public park in the center of Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in northwestern China. The People’s Park and nearby Hongshan are very popular recreational areas for locals. The park is located on the west bank of the Urumqi River and is the largest park in the city. It was founded in 1755 and expanded in 1918.

Originally it was a piece of marshland and lakes, surrounded by lush, century-old trees. Now it is a picturesque, tree-shaded park with gazebos and a lake. The park is a popular venue for various exhibitions, including flower shows, bonsai exhibitions, painting and art fairs, and photo exhibitions. In winter, an ice sculpture festival takes place here.

The park has several traditional Chinese-style buildings, including the Danfeng Chaoyang Pavilion, Dragon King Temple, Zuixia Pavilion, Xiaochun Pavilion, Jianhu Pavilion, and Yuewei Caotang.

But the really interesting thing about the park is the people. The inhabitants of the city come here to perform all kinds of leisure activities. From board and card games to making music and drawing, to strolling and resting. The People’s Park gives the best insight into the life and habits of the people, but also into the diversity of the ethnic groups, which are located in Urumqi.


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