Hongshan, Urumqi 2018

Hongshan or the Red Mountain is an inner-city mountain in Urumqi, in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China. The 1391-meter high mountain with the associated park is located in the center of Urumqi. The rocks of the mountain, which have a bright red color, gave the mountain its name. These rocks, made of dark purple gravel, formed during the Permian period. The hilltop temple is called Yu Huang Ge. It was famous and popular until its destruction in 1930. Today there is a reconstruction of the temple in the same place.

At the top of the mountain is also a nine-story pagoda called Zhen Long Ta. This 25-meter high pagoda has been carefully preserved since its construction. When dawn or sunset begins, the pagoda is a wonderful place that used to be one of the eight most famous viewpoints in ancient Urumqi.

Before the Chinese government started the cultivation project in Xinjiang, the mountain was bare. In the fifties, the mountain got a completely new look after several years of planting. The hill is now covered with trees and the mountain looks beautiful. After a short but steep ascent via a staircase, you can see the tall buildings in the city center and the wooded area of ​​the nearby People’s Park.


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