Großer Basar von Xinjiang - Xinjiang Grand Basar

Xinjiang Grand Bazaar, Urumqi 2018

The Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi is the largest bazaar in the world and covers an area of 39,888 square meters. There are over 3,000 stalls for the sale of clothing, musical instruments, pottery, jewelry, nuts, fruits, and carpets. In addition, there is a theater, a Food Court, the observation tower No. 1 and a mosque on the area.

From the 80-meter high observation tower, you can see the entire bazaar from a bird’s eye view. While in the large courtyard, Uighurs repeatedly give samples of their music. All of this seems authentic and old, but the construction of the Grand Bazaar was completed at the end of 2002.

The buildings and surrounding area are built in an Islamic style that represents the predominant religion and ethnic culture of the western region in China. However, if you want to discover an authentic life, you are in better hands in the People’s Park.


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