Turpan Museum

Turpan Museum, Xinjiang 2018

The Turpan Museum is the second largest museum in Xinjiang after the Xinjiang Regional Museum. On the route of the famous Silk Road, Turpan gathered merchants and monks from western and eastern countries. Therefore, there are plenty of multicultural relics here. The new museum, opened in 2009, houses more than 5,000 artifacts depicting the history of Turpan. In the new three-story building, nearly half of the exhibits are new archaeological discoveries of recent years and have never been shown.

The museum consists of four exhibitions: the Giant Rhinoceros Fossil Exhibition, the Excavated Documents and Silver & Golden Coins Exhibition, the exhibition of the General History of the Turpan Area and the Ancient Mummy Exhibition. The Turpan Museum is thus a condensed encyclopedia of social, political, military and economic life.

However, Turpan’s ancient mummy room is the most mysterious and attractive among the four. From the Spring and Autumn time to wartime and the Qing Dynasty, the eleven bodies shown here were all uncovered in the tombs of Astana – the Harahezu Tombs, the Subeshen Tombs, and the Yanghai Tombs.


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