Bageri Friedhof - Bageri Cemetery

Bageri Cemetery, Turpan 2018

When it comes to tombs, it is actually the Astana tombs that are famous in Turpan. This 10-square-meter complex of over 1,000 tombs was the burial ground of Gaochang’s residents from 273 to 778. Archaeologists have found numerous well-preserved mummies and burial objects here. Some of the mummies can be seen today in the Turpan Museum.

The Astana Tombs are outside Turpan. In the city itself, however, you can also find several cemeteries. One of them is the Bageri Cemetery. There are no mummies here, but quite a few bones and skulls. They are not old and not human. They are animal skeletons that lie here on the dry earth between the graves and give the place an eerie atmosphere.

Although the cemetery is certainly not as impressive as the famous tombs, it gives an insight into the structure and as many graves are severely damaged, you will always find pits that reveal the view of the underground burial chambers. Certainly, there were also some grave goods to find here. Today, the place seems rather decay.


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