Flammende Berge - Flaming Mountains

Flaming Mountains, Turpan 2018

One of Turpan’s most mysterious sights is the Flaming Mountains, also known as Red Mountain, 10 kilometers east of the city. They are a kind of border between Turpan and the Taklamakan Desert, which enjoys the reputation of the world’s most dangerous desert. Not far away in a gorge of the mountains lie the famous Bezeklik Caves.

The Flaming Mountains are associated with the most unusual and mysterious rumors and legends. According to one of the legends of the Uighurs, a bloody evil dragon who was killed in this place became the mountain.

The Flaming Mountains are part of the Tien Mountains and reach a height of 500 meters. At sunset, when the mountains glow in the colors of the setting sun, their slopes look like flames. The mountains were formed 50 million years ago, during the movement of the tectonic plate in the formation of the Himalaya. At that time the mountains were still active volcanoes. The descending lava formed a kind of gorge, which today gives the mountains the yellowish-orange color. It is the hottest place in China with a maximum temperature of 47.8 ° C and a surface temperature of over 70 ° C in summer.


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