Traubengut - Grape Manor

Grape Manor, Turpan 2018

The Grape Valley stretches northeast of Turpan in the Flaming Mountains, forming a fertile, green oasis in the otherwise arid, rugged landscape. The valley owes this fertility to a centuries-old technique, the Karez irrigation system. This contributed to and contributes to the economic importance of the region and earned it the title ‘Grape Capital’ of China.

The valley, where 13 different grape varieties are grown, is divided into different areas: the Grape Manor, the House of Apandi, the Folk-Custom Park of Darwaz, the Wang Luobin art museum and the amusement park.

In the Grape Manor, you can walk under a long grape archway and learn more about the different grape varieties and their characteristics. At the lake, folk shows are shown several times a day, bringing the Uygur music and culture closer. Of course, you can also taste grapes and wine here.


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