Tal der Weintrauben - Grape Valley

Grape Valley, Turpan 2018

The Grape Valley lies 11 km northeast of Turpan and stretches 8 km from north to south with a width of 2 km. As one of the valleys on the west side of the Flaming Mountains, it has a completely different landscape than those. The mountains are hot, but the Grape Valley is pleasantly cool. This oasis of 220 hectares is covered with grapes. On the west side, steep cliffs meet the valley and the other slopes are elaborately arranged with cottages and mud houses. The Grape Valley already exists for several hundred years.

About 13 different grape varieties are grown here. Every year more than 300 tons of raisins are produced here. A single grape is crystal clear and juicy – some are as green as emerald, others as red as agate. Fruits such as peach, apricot, apple, and pomegranate are also planted. The entire valley is devided in different areas, one of it is the Grape Manor.

The Grape Valley, this green oasis in the desert, is why the people of Xinjiang call Turpan China’s ‘Grape Capital’. All this is made possible by the old Karez irrigation system. During the melting of the glaciers, the water from the mountains is collected, supplying the valley and Turpan with water through subterranean and above-ground canals.


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