Ruinen des Yaowang Tempel - Ruins of the Yaowang Temple

Ruins of the Yaowang Temple, Dunhuang 2018

In the shelter of a sand dune of the Mingsha, near the Crescent Lake, the ruins of the Yaowang Temple are buried almost completely under the sand. They were discovered in the 1990s. The underground wooden merit stele indicates it’s the Yaowang Cave that was built in 1818 A.D. for commemorating Sun Simiao, the king of Chinese medicine.

The main hall is a masonry cave about 3 meters high and wide, 6.2 meters long. It is a western corridor in front of the cave, which has completely collapsed. An most of its remaining pillars have been rotten. The clay sculptures originally in the cave gave long been gone. On the northern wall of the cave, there is a suspended carving with some Chinese characters depicting the marvel of medical skills. On the eastern wall, there is a suspended carving of a landscape painted with flowers and birds. The cave has been backfilled for better conservation of the ruins.


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