Mati Tempel - Mati Temple

Mati Temple, Zhangye 2018

Located in the autonomous county of Sunye Yugu in Zhangye City, Matisi Temple or Mati Temple or Mati Si is a tourist area that combines cave art, Qilian mountain scenery and the culture of national minorities. The area is a large group of caves, consisting of 7 small groups up to 30 kilometers long. There is no official record showing the exact date of construction of the Matisi Temple. However, a large number of poets have portrayed the Matisi Temple in their works, and the earliest date back to the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Due to its long history, the Matisi Temple, in conjunction with the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang and the Yulin Caves in Anxi, are considered to be the three artistically valued grottos of the Holy Hexi Buddha Land.

The entire Matisi temple can be divided into different parts: Qianfo Grottoes, North and South Matisi Temples, Linsong Waterfall, King Gesar Palace, and Guanyin Caves. The legend says that a horse from the sky once left a trail of hooves here, and so the temple got its name.

The Mati Temple is an important grotto of the North Matisi Temple, known for its large hoof print. It is located near the entrance to the tourist area, in the southeast of the 33 Heavenly Grottoes. There are three niches in the grotto, but unfortunately no ancient statues. On the left side of the middle niche is the hoof print.


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