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Dafo Temple, Zhangye 2018

The Dafo Temple, or Giant Buddha Temple, was built by Emperor Chong 900 years ago during the Yong’an era. The name of the Giant Buddha Temple has been changed several times. Previous titles include Jiaye Rulai Temple, Baojue Temple, and Hongren Temple. It is a Buddhist temple in the southwest of Zhangye in the Chinese province of Gansu. The temple is said to be the birthplace of Kublai Khan.

The temple houses China’s largest reclining Buddha. The gilded and painted Great Buddha is in the nirvana position in the middle of the hall. The figure is 34.5 meters long, her shoulder width is 7.5 meters, she has feet of 4 meters and ears of 2 meters in length. The walls of the hall are decorated with colorful murals.

The white clay pagoda has thirteen stories and is over 33 meters high. It is one of the five-element pagodas in Zhangye and has 13 floors, with the first and second floors being four miniature pagodas, a feature rarely seen in other pagodas.


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