City Views Zhangye, China 2018

Zhangye is a district-free city in northwestern Gansu Province, China. The city is located in the center of Gansu on the Hexi Corridor. It is bordered to the south by Qinghai Province and to the north by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It was an important outpost on the Silk Road.

Streams, sunlight and fertile soil make it an important agricultural center in the region, although it was severely damaged by overgrowth in the 19th century.

In Zhangye is the Temple of the Great Buddha with the largest reclining Buddha statue in China. Here, the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan is said to been born. Another attraction in the city is the Wooden Pagoda Temple. Near the city is the Danxia Geopark, one of the most impressive landscape formations in China.


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