Bleibende Erinnerungen - Enduring Memories

Enduring Memories, Hangzhou 2018

The director of this show in Hangzhou is Mr. Zhang Yimou, who was responsible for the opening and closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. The gorgeous and fantastic Impression West Lake Show made the world a feast for the eyes of the year 2016 during the G20 summit. As of May 2017, the new version of the Impression West Lake Show – Enduring Memories of Hangzhou – is open to the public again.

The new show has been improved by the team led by famous director Zhang Yimou. The name of the show comes from a very famous poem by Bai Juyi. He was the mayor of Hangzhou and was respected and loved by the locals for doing much for a better life.

The show is created in East meets West way. Dancers perform in the shallow water in front of the beautifully lit backdrop, and the performance is on a floating platform, making dancers dance on the surface of the lake. In such an environment, along with a fantastic music background and great artistic performance, the show lives up to its name – enduring memories.


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