City Views Dala, Burma 2018

Dala is located on the south bank of the Yangon River, opposite downtown Yangon. The community is bordered to the north and east by the Yangon River, to the west by the Twante Canal and to the south by Twante. In 1805, Alaungpaya’s fourth son, King Bodawpaya, appointed Htaw Lay Governor of Dala. In the colonial era, Dala was the location of the large shipyard of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company.

Despite its convenient location near Yangon, Dala is still rural and undeveloped, mainly because there is still no bridge over the Yangon River. Connections exist only with the ferry.

Dala illustrates very clearly how underdeveloped Myanmar still is away from the big cities. A ramble through the streets reveals a world unimaginable to Westerners. Most of the houses have no water connection, so going to one of the fountains in the city, and often carrying it home for miles, is one of the daily tasks. Often a work that is applied to the children. But despite the harshness of everyday life, people seem happy. Each guest a welcome change from everyday life. Every clumsiness of the stranger is a cause for laughter.


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