Unterwegs mit dem Wasserbus - On the way with the water bus

On the way with the water bus, Rangoon 2018

The water bus in Yangon is not a tourist attraction, but public transport, which has been used since 2017 to relieve traffic on the road. The development last year, however, shows that even locals use the water bus for a trip along the shore or a leisure trip on the Rangoon River than for the daily route from the northern suburbs to the city center.

The water bus has two types of boats: smaller ferries that travel about two hours from Botahtaung, and a large “express” ship made in Australia.

After a short stop in Pansodan, from where you can translate to Dala, and then in Lanthit, the commercial buildings make way for the shipyards in Ahlone. To the west, you can see the rice fields of the delta. Rural Myanmar stretches to the city limits. After the endless industrial sites of Hlaing, you reach the jetty in Insein. Of course, you can make the trip in the other direction.


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