Chinatown, Rangoon 2018

Chinatown of Yangon or Tayoke Tan is located west of the Sule Pagoda, which is located in the center of Yangon. Yangon’s Chinatown was founded when the British expanded the city in the 1850s. It is located between Shwedaungtan Street to the west and Shwedagon Pagoda Road to the east. The northern and southern borders are the Maha Bandoola Road and the Beach Road. Historically, the Hokkien Chinese lived on Strand Road while the Cantonese lived on Maha Bandoola Road.

Especially 19th street is known because there are countless restaurants, barbecue stalls, and the street market. Even if you do not like street food, a walk through the street during the day is an experience and gives you a taste of the hustle and bustle of the night.

In some streets, lined with old wooden shutters and shop fronts, you can find Chinese medicine shops, gold and jewelry shops, restaurants and Chinese temples. A walk through the small streets is worthwhile because in between are always old colonial buildings, which give the streets a special charm.


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