City Views Rangoon, Myanmar 2018

Rangoon is the largest city and the industrial center of Myanmar. Until 2005, Rangoon was the capital. The seat of government was moved in 2005 to Naypyidaw. Rangoon is located in the south of the country on the eastern edge of the Irrawaddy delta near the Gulf of Martaban.

Until 1755, the city was called Dagon, belonged to the kingdom of Mon and was its capital. The Burmese King Alaungphaya renamed it Yangon, meaning ‘end of the dispute’. In 1824, Rangoon was conquered by Britain, which relinquished its claim of power two years later. The city came under British rule again after the Second British-Burmese War in 1852. During the Second World War, the city was occupied on March 8, 1942, during the Pacific War by the Japanese army. When Burma gained independence from Great Britain in 1948, Rangoon became the capital of the country.

Three large pagodas are particularly noteworthy in Yangon: the Botahtaung Pagoda, nearby the harbor, the Sule Pagoda, and the Shwedagon Pagoda, the religious center of Myanmar. In addition, Rangoon is one of the few cities in Southeast Asia, which still have a relatively large amount of buildings from the colonial era. In addition to a walk through the old streets, especially around the Chinatown, it is also worthwhile to take a ride on the Circle Line. It approaches the outskirts of the city and is an authentic experience of daily life. If you’re looking for a bit of nature, then take a leisurely stroll along Kandawgyi Lake, or a boat trip to Dala, or just a ride on the Irrawaddy in the waterbus.


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