Namenlose Insel - Nameless Island

Gwa Island, Burma 2018

Five kilometers off the coast lies the uninhabited island of Gwa. It can be visited as a day tour with a fishing boat and can be circumnavigated in one and a half hours. On the coast side, is a white sand beach and the sea is, due to the numerous rocks under water, a good place for snorkeling.

Leaving the sandy beach, the shores of the island quickly become very rocky and rough. Pointy, jagged rocks rise up, form bizarre structures, and between them is crystal clear water. Refuge for all sorts of small sea creatures. At low tide extends on the back of the island, a huge stone sea, ending at the waves. The only traces of human life are a small pile of stones, ‘the dome’ and the sunroof on the sandy beach, from where you have an excellent view of the coast of the mainland, and can retreat in the midday heat.


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