Gwa, Burma 2018

Gwa is a city on the southern tip of the Rakhine state in Myanmar, eight hours down the road northwest of Rangoon. In Gwa, fishing is the main industry. Most residents fish in nearby waters for both self-catering and trade with nearby cities. Rice, bamboo, and coconuts are also grown in Gwa for export. The city is not yet designed for tourism. Small local restaurants and shops characterize the streets.

The area is located between the popular resorts of Ngwe Saung and Ngapali on the Bay of Bengal. In contrast to the two, it is largely undeveloped: The infrastructure is quite simple and the seemingly endless, palm-lined white sandy beaches are completely empty.

Five kilometers off the coast lies the deserted island of Gwa, which can be reached by a fishing boat and circumnavigated in about one and a half hours.


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