Maing Thauk

Maing Thauk, Inle Lake 2018

Half of the village of Maing Thauk lies on dry land, while the other half is on stilts over the water and is connected to the shore by a 450-meter-long wooden bridge. It is located in the southeast of Nyaung Shwe and is easy to reach on a bike ride. As in Nyaung Shwe and In Dein, the circulating 5-day market takes place here.

Once in Maing Thaunk, you can first visit the part of the village, which is located in the countryside and make a detour to the nearby forest monastery.You can approach the part on the water via the wooden bridge, but you can not reach it. To visit this part of the village, you need a boat, and preferably one with a traditional One-leg rower. In the small boat, then goes leisurely through the narrow canals of the village, pasing the stilt houses.

With a bit of luck, you may end up with a villager who invites you to a tea at home and dedicates you to the art of making cigarettes. On the small terrace of the house, many of these cigarettes are produced at unbelievable speed, provided with a banderole and tied into ready-to-sell bundles. The tool is simple and the work, if you are not used to it, quite demanding. A lot of work for little money, but the smile on the lips does not detract.


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