Mya Thein Than Kloster - Mya Thein Than Monastery

Mya Thein Than Monastery, Inle Lake 2018

On the bike tour in the east of Inle Lake, you pass the small village of Mya Thein Than and the associated monastery. The place seems at first not very appealing and special because the ravages of time have gnawed vigorously on the building. But when you enter the area, you soon discover countless small details that make the monastery a gem. Unusual door decorations adorn the otherwise white walls. Elaborate roof structures decorate the entrance halls.

The tour around the innermost part of the temple is freely accessible and so can take a look through the rusty grille into the hall. On the back are several Buddha statues, newer and older, sitting in richly decorated niches. The elaborate mosaics glitter in the sparse sunlight that falls into the hall. A place of peace and devotion, in whose cool one likes to stay and let the atmosphere take over.


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