Mit dem Rad nach Osten - By bike east

By bike east, Inle Lake 2018

After cycling in the north and the southwest, a trip to the east coast should not be missed. Beside the Red Mountain Winery is the monastery Mya Thein Than and the village Maing Thauk worth seeing. The dride to the village is easy to handle, only the side trip to the winery is a bit exhausting because the property is located on a slope, but thus offers a magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding area.

The landscape is similar to the one in the west of Inle Lake, and you can hardly see the lake until you reach Maing Thauk. The emphasis is on agriculture, again and again isolated houses or small villages. Here you can meet tourists more often and there is more traffic than on the west side, but you can still enjoy the scenery and in the monastery, you are almost alone.


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