Inle See - Inle Lake

Inle Lake, Burma 2018

Inle Lake, a freshwater lake in Myanmar, is one of the country’s main tourist destinations. It is best known for its floating gardens and villages as well as the unique monopod rower. The locals here master the art of rowing that is done exclusively with the leg, so they have both hands free for fishing.

The 17 villages within the lake and on the lakeshore are mostly inhabited by Intha, whose life is entirely focused on the lake. In addition to various arts and crafts, such as silversmithing, lotus weaving, and umbrella manufacturing, people here live from fishing and farming around the lake.

The lake with a north-south extension of about 22 km and an east-west extension of a maximum of 10 km is located at 875 m above sea level. Nyaung Shwe is capital and largest city on the lake. The movement takes place, even if there is a road around the lake, which is well suited for cycling, still mainly with boats. Today more often with an outboard engine, but also the classic boats are still used.


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