In Dein Pagodenwald - In Dein Pagoda Forest

In Dein Pagoda Forest, Inle Lake 2018

The In Dein Pagodas are a Buddhist cemetery and memorial complex on Lake Inle. It is located southwest of Inle Lake and can be reached via a canal. The oldest grave stupas date from the 17th century. If you come by bike from the north, you first reach the small village, lying around the cemetery. The pagodas are in the south, on a hill.

The pagodas are constantly being expanded with new stupas and the ancient ones are partly renovated. The result is a colorful mixture of old and new, gold, stucco, and bare, sometimes overgrown brick.

Access to the main pagodas and the temple is via a covered staircase, where numerous souvenir merchants with their stalls have settled. In addition, the Inle Market, circulating around Lake Inle, takes place here every five days, offering everyday necessities and food.


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