INNOO Pagoden - INNOO Pagodas

INNOO Pagodas, Inle Lake 2018

On the bike tour along the west coast to the south to the In Dein stupas, you pass about halfway the Innoo pagodas. They are on the left-hand side of the road and can also be approached via a canal by boat from Inle Lake.

They are ancient pagodas, but with scant to no information about their origins, meaning, and history. It looks like they are being taken care because the tops of the pagodas shine in fresh gold in the sun.

Right next to the pagodas there are two street restaurants where you can relax in the shadow and watch the youth playing soccer. It is a quiet place where rarely a tourist shows up so you can once again enjoy your time with the locals and take in the tranquility and special atmosphere.


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