Mit dem Rad nach Süden - By bike south

By bike south, Inle Lake 2018

The ride to the southwest of Inle Lake is, in contrast to the tour to the north, largely manageable. However, you should start early, if you want to go back the route again. Another option is to rent a boat for your ride across the lake back to Nyaung Shwe. The bike has enough space in the small but spacious boats.

The west coast is spiked with a number of attractions and so you meet here much more often tourists. It’s getting less, if you drive further south to the In Dein stupas. On the way, you should definitely make a detour through the tofu village. Here, all is about food production and there are also a few show companies where you can follow the production step by step.

You can have a little cultural break at the Innoo pagodas. Do not be surprised if you initially feel like you’re riding towards a soccer field. Religion and everyday life are inseparably united for Burmese and so you often meet on the large squares in front of pagodas or stupas football-playing young men.

Inle Lake is barely visible for most of the journey, but the wide plain of river mouths used for cultivation and on the other side the mountain range crossed on the Kalaw trek.


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