In der Lotusweberei - In the lotus weaving

In the lotus weaving, Inle Lake 2018

The last stop on the tour through the craft shops is after the silversmith and the umbrella workshop the lotus weaving. Here the most expensive yarn in the world is made. Even silk looks pale beside it. The retail price of Lotus products is almost double of silk products. But the difference is noticeable. Anyone who has ever touched good silk will be amazed how delicate the lotus threads are and how wonderful the fabric feels.

But it takes time until the high-quality textiles are finished. Not for nothing is the yarn so expensive. First, open the lotus stems and scratch out the few threads inside them. These are then spun and dyed as desired. Then begins the work of the weavers, who transform the valuable threads into wonderful works of art on large, wooden looms according to given designs. This can take days, even weeks, depending on the difficulty of the pattern and the number of different colors.

Of the surrounding countryside, the women usually see little, but since it is their usual environment, they are certainly not quite as hungry for the sight as the tourists. All the more beautiful that after the visit you finally drive a bit on the open Inle Lake to get to the Nga Phe Kyaung, the Jumping Cats Monastery.


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