In der Schirmwerkstatt - In the umbrella workshop

In the umbrella workshop, Inle Lake 2018

From the silversmith, the boat takes you over small channels to the next stop, an umbrella workshop. Here the colorful umbrellas are made of paper, but also puppets. Everything is made by hand and so you can follow every step to the finished umbrella, from the production of the paper, the turning of the handles to the covering and painting of the colorful umbrellas.

In addition to insights into the life of the small villages on the lake, which can only be reached by boat, are all on stilts and made of wood, you will meet in the workshop also two women from the tribe of Long-necked Karen, famous for their long necks and the jewelry causing it. In total, a woman wears 8 kilograms of jewelry on her body day and night.

After the tour, continue from here to a Lotus weaving, where the most expensive yarn in the world is made. Looks a bit strange when you see the simple living conditions of people on the right and left of the boat passing by.


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