Ankunft am See - Arrival on the lake

Arrival at the lake, Inle Lake 2018

The actual trekking ends at the restaurant because after a short walk through the foothills of the Inle lake you climb here a small boat. Right now, you are in the south of Inle Lake, near the village of Ywama. Here there are a number of craft shops, such as silversmiths, lotus weavers and umbrella workshops, which are visited by boat.

In addition to the insights into the craftsmanship of the sea dwellers, a visit to the 160-year-old monastery Nga Phe Kyaung should not be missed, which leads the funny nickname Jumping Cat Monastery.

The conclusion is a rapid ride across the lake from the south to the north, where at the end of the day you reach the largest city, Nyaung Shwe.


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