Kalaw Trekking

Kalaw Trekking Day 2, Burma 2018

In the early morning, the second day of trekking begins with a rich breakfast at the homestay before taking the path through the still in the morning dew landscape towards Inle Lake. Once you have left the village, you are back on open land with beautiful views of the countryside. Today it is a little bit uphill. A gravel road along, where you have to pay his fee for the Inle Lake and then back on small paths across the country.

In the morning you reach the ridge, from the top you can enjoy a first view of the Inle lake. The next hour is downhill, the lake closer. Soon the first houses appear and then at noon the first destination of the day is reached, a restaurant in the foothills of Inle Lake. Here you enjoy a delicious lunch and a break before finally reaching the lake.


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