Nan Yoke

The village Nan Yoke, Burma 2018

The village of Nan Yoke is the day’s destination for the trekking on the first day. Here you will spend the night with a local family in their house. Upon arrival in the village, one first passes through a basketwork, one of the inhabitants’ sources of income in the dry season, when the fields are fallow.

Past the village temple, the path leads into the heart of the small settlement. The construction of the small farms is almost always the same. A mostly overgrown fence bends over the whole family ground. Central is the house, which can still be made of bamboo, but here it is often massive masonry. Opposite the house is a small stable with cows for milk and oxen for fieldwork. A small bamboo hut in the middle is the kitchen where meals are prepared over an open fire.

If you reach the village in time, you can take a short walk to the west and be rewarded after climbing the hill with a wonderful sunset over the vastness of the landscape.


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