Kalaw Trekking

Kalaw Trekking Day 1, Burma 2018

The hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake is certainly one of the most famous tours in Myanmar. You can choose between a 3-day and a 2-day hike. The 3-day tour starts right in Kalaw, for the 2-day tour you will be taken to the starting point about 40 kilometers southeast of Kalaw. You stay overnight in a monastery and/or with a local family.

The hike starts at an altitude of about 1,300 meters, the destination is at 900 meters. So it’s more downhill than uphill. Therefore, the tour is also suitable for inexperienced. However, a good sunprotection in the form of headgear and sunscreen, as well as sufficient water is recommended, because the landscape is sparse and offers almost no protection from the sun.

In February, the landscape is withered. The fallow fields yellow-brown, only the red of the earth shines in the landscape. Occasionally a tree, natives at the field work and a lot of grazing cows. It is rare to spot a remote settlement at the beginning. Around noon you reach a village. With a family, a delicious and ample lunch is eaten and then a little rest, because now it’s hottest.

After about an hour break, the hike continues. The last stage of the day brings a little cultural change in the form of several ancient pagodas hidden in a small forest. Then it goes to the village of Nan Yoke, where you stay with a local family tonight.


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