Auf dem Markt - At the market

At the market, Kalaw 2018

Markets in Southeast Asia are always worth a visit. In general, the market culture in Asia is still widespread. Every town, but also in most major cities, still has traditional markets where farmers from the surrounding countryside sell their wares.

The supply, as well as the structure of the markets, is very similar in the tropical regions. Whether in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia or Indonesia, when visiting a market visitors are impressed by the variety, the hustle and bustle, and the smells. The offer is always fresh and the atmosphere in an Asian market incomparable. A visit should, therefore, be on every travel list.

Here in Kalaw, the market is in the heart of the city and offers a rich selection of products that the inhabitants of the surrounding villages haul into the city. The movable stands with mainly fresh goods are therefore supplemented with fixed shops in the houses, offering necessities of every kind.


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