60 Buddhas

60 Buddhas, Kalaw 2018

South of Kalaw 60 Buddha figures adorn a mountainside. Surrounded by a small monastery, a temple and residential buildings of the monks, a peaceful picture opens to the visitor by entering the complex. If you are looking for peace and solitude it is just right. Not only in the plant itself, but already on the way there, one meets only occasionally on residents. The trail, which begins after the city limits, winds through the greenery, small fields, along a railway track, and initially more often, then more seldom small houses and huts.

You dive into the everyday life of people and get an impression of life on the plateau. Although Kalaw is not a turbulent city, it is quite busy with the numerous tourists who start their treks here. It looks quite different here. Life splashes gently away and the few people you meet, radiating just that peace and serenity. An ideal walk for those who want to retire for a day.


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