Nagayon Tempel - Nagayon Temple

Nagayon Temple, Bagan 2018

Just south of Myinkaba, this elegant and well-preserved temple was built by Kyanzittha. The temple has a projecting hall to the north; the outer shape resembles the Ananda, as far as the arrangement of the cornerstones, the curvilinear roofs, the terraces, the Sikhara, and the Endstupa are concerned. The shrine in the center is surrounded by a dark hallway ventilated by five perforated windows on each side. Inside the hall are niches with stone reliefs from the life of Buddha.

It is said that this was the place where Kyanzittha was protected by a snake while fleeing from his angry brother and predecessor Sawlu Min. Therefore, during his reign, King Kyanzittha built this temple called “Nagayon,” meaning “protected by serpents.”

The shrine contains a huge standing Buddha, flanked by two shorter Buddhas. The outer walls of the shrine and the corridor walls have niches with stone sculptures probably representing the Buddhas before Gautama. The walls of the corridor are decorated with paintings.


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