Pagode der Buddhas - Pagoda of the Buddhas

Pagoda of the Buddhas, Bagan 2018

Everywhere surprises await the visitor in Bagan. This is expected in the famous pagodas and temples, but even the little ones can turn out to be real treasures. Not always you can find the name, and often they have only a number, so the visitor is given a certain freedom in naming.

Since this plant stands out especially by the countless statues, especially the Buddha, it should also get this name. Almost every niche has another figure and most are well preserved. Surely some of them are recent, but there are also older ones. Especially at the small pagodas, it is often worthwhile to go on your knees to see the treasures inside. As it is often the case in Bagan, the whole complex is embedded in nature, which has formed a symbiosis with the old walls.

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