Auf einem Dach - On a roof

On a roof, Bagan 2018

Whether at sunrise, during the day or at sunset, who wants to take a look at the landscape, has not many options. After the last earthquake and for the protection of the temples and pagodas, the government has forbidden climbing, leaving the visitor with only a few points from which to enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape. One is a viewpoint in the south of the archaeological zone, another a roof near Old Bagan.

From here you can enjoy the temples and pagodas that seem to mingle with nature and landscape. However, the place is not suitable for the sunset, as the sun goes down in the back of the visitor. But the view of the archaeological area has its charm at any time of the day and therefore you should not miss this wonderful view. For the sunset you can climb a small pagoda behind the Alodowpye Phaya.


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