Sulamani Temple, Bagan 2018

The Sulamani Temple is located between Old Bagan and the village of Minnanthu. It was built during the reign of King Narapatisithu, a very successful time in Bagan. During his long reign, some of Bagan’s most impressive monuments have been erected, such as the Dhammayazika and Gawdawpalin temples. A stone on the north porch of the temple says that King Narapatisithu found a small ruby ​​at the place where the Sulamani Temple was built later.

The architectural style has many similarities with the Htilominlo Temple, which was built a few decades later. The Sulamani is a two-story building with a square floor plan. The large first floor is equipped with three receding terraces. The much smaller upper floor is equipped with four more terraces. The corners of the lower and upper terraces contain small towers. The conclusion is a Shikhara, built again after 1990.

The wall of the temple district and its gates are quite well preserved. Here originally monk cells were housed, so that the Sulamani Temple can also be regarded as an important monastery in Bagan at the time of King Narapatisithus.


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