Aussichtspunkt - Viewpoint

Viewpoint, Bagan 2018

There are not many places in Bagan anymore, from where you can enjoy a view of the many temples and pagodas. After the last earthquake and to protect the buildings, the Burmese government has closed many entrances and prohibited climbing. One way to enjoy a view of the area or the sunrise and sunset is a viewpoint near Tha Beik Hmauk Paya.

An earth rampart offers a beautiful panoramic view of the landscape. In addition to the nearby pagodas and temples, you can see here several larger and smaller plants, near and far. Embedded in the natural landscape, the pagodas and temples stand out among the greenery. A special feature of the ruins of Bagan is the juxtaposition of today and then. While in Angkor, the entire complex is closed as a World Heritage Site, here in Bagan between the temples and pagodas fields, houses and animals roam freely around the area can be found. During the discovery trip through the region, one often encounters farmers who work their fields or guard their animals.


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