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Htilominlo Temple, Bagan 2018

This Buddhist temple was completed under King Nandaungmya in the early years of his reign, making it one of the last large temples built in Bagan. The temple is 46 meters high and its square base has a side length of 43 meters. Its design is similar to that of Sulamani, built three decades earlier by the then king.

On the ground floor and the first floor are four Buddha statues, each looking in one direction. The recessed terraces on the two floors are decorated with small stupas in the corners. The conclusion is a Shikhara with gilt Hti. The walls of the entrances leading to the inner sanctuary have vaulted depressions enclosing small Buddha images. Both floors contain four large gilded Buddha images, each pointing to one side of the temple. The second floor is closed to visitors. The temple contains beautiful murals and frescoes of Buddhist images in various colors.

Their names relate temple and king from the electoral process, the Nandaungmya, also called Htilominlo, from which the king owes his rule. His father Narapatisithu gathered his five sons around a white umbrella. The one who was chosen to be the crown prince, to whom the screen tilted. Supposedly, the election took place in the place where now stands the Htilominlo Temple.


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