Ankunft in Bagan - Arrival in Bagan

Arrival in Bagan, Burma 2018

After 10 hours of leisurely strolling on the Irrawaddy, the first signs of Bagan appear. Pagoda and temples appear on the shore. The ferry gets hectic. Not only the crew is preparing for the mooring, but also the passengers can hardly expect to come ashore. Lucky those who travel with handy luggage, because suitcases are more of an obstacle in the now crowded aisles and since the boat technology also does not meet the latest standards, the crew has to climb again and again through the waiting crowd of passengers to do their job.

With the first foot on land ends a relaxing day on the lifeline of the country. The hustle and bustle of the port formally overrun you and yet the journey is not over. In enfilade, it goes up the sand slope. A composed staircase, more like a hanging ladder, helps with the climb. Once at the top, taxis and buses wait for the travelers. At all corners is negotiation. If you have a taxi, you only have to pay the fee for Bagan and then you go to the city.


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