Mit dem Boot nach Bagan - With the boat to Bagan

With the boat to Bagan, Irrawaddy 2018

The 2170-kilometer Irrawaddy is a stream in Southeast Asia. It traverses several regions. Its longest source river, the Tarong, rises in the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. From there it makes its way towards Myanmar, whose main lifeline it is. In north-south direction, it divides Myanmar into two halves. About 100 kilometers southwest of Mandalay its largest inflow, the Chindwin flows in.

Today you can travel quickly and easily by bus from Mandalay to Bagan, but what would you not miss everything! Early in the morning, the ship leaves the port of Mandalay, which is already busy with locals doing their daily work. With the rising sun, the boat reaches the shore of Sagaing, where hundreds of pagodas shine golden in the morning sun. Underpass the massive bridge, the boat passes Inwa and heads south. The settlement is getting sparse, but the traffic on the Irrawaddy is enormous. Barges, fishing boats, ferries from one shore to another, cruise ships and bamboo flocks drift, overtake or cross the river.

With good eyes, you can watch the life on the riverbank from the boat, because usually, the Irrawaddy has an enormous breadth. Cozy the boat plows its way through the brownish water until it reaches Bagan after about 10 hours.


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