Dschungel Trekking - Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking Day 2, Hsipaw 2018

Early in the morning, the day begins with a wonderful sunrise over the densely wooded landscape. As the night before, breakfast is served on the terrace. Then everything around the tree house is safely stowed away from animals again and the way goes down the slope. One last look at the tree house and then it disappears among the trees.

The hike today is relaxed. First, it goes down the mountain and then along a river. It is pleasantly cool and the water provides a little refreshment every time. Past bananas and bamboo through lush greenery.

After the walk along the river, the forest clears and a wide plain opens up. The first houses are appearing. Farmers who live and work here. In one of these houses, lunch is already waiting and then it goes by scooter back to Hsipaw. Another daredevil ride through deep ditches, past a few houses and small villages until you finally reach the main road. The end of a strenuous but impressive hike through the jungle of Myanmar.


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