Dschungel Trekking - Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking Day 1, Hsipaw 2018

From Pan Lan, it goes on in the loneliness and the jungle. First of all, very pleasant on a wide path, which serves the inhabitants of the village as a road to more remote fields. Except for a few locals who do their daily work, there is nobody.

At lunchtime, you take a break at a small hut in a valley with a river. Here lives a farmer’s family, who provide their kitchen for the hikers and soon cooks lunch in the large pot over the open fire. Life here is leisurely, like the walk of the cows, who come around the corner a little later and settle down next to the hut.

After strengthening, the strenuous part of today’s hike follows. In the blazing sun it goes through scrub up the slope, 800 meters have to be overcome. For the effort, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view over valleys and ridges. The rest of today’s trek is enjoyable and leads through the jungle in the shade of the trees.

The destination and overnight accommodation of today is a tree house, hidden deep in the jungle. Not only the construction leaves the mouth open on arrival, but also the fabulous view from the terrace of the tree house.


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