Das Dorf Pan Lan - Pan Lan Village

Pan Lan Village, Hsipaw 2018

Pan Lan is a small village north of Hsipaw in the mountains. From here, the 2-day trekking starts into the untouched landscape of Shan-State in Myanmar. The way to the village is already a challenge and only possible in the dry season. Deep trenches of the tires run through the clay and gravel road.

Having arrived in the village, the simplicity of the living conditions quickly becomes clear. Small bamboo and wood houses, mini-solar panels for a little electricity. Dogs, goats, chickens, and cows walk down the streets almost into the houses. Small gardens with a little vegetable. It’s fresh up here in the early morning. A glimpse into the houses reveals that people have what they need for the rough life up here, but no more. Nevertheless, they seem to be satisfied. A warming cup of tea, a bit of fooling around with the kids, for whom the visit is a welcome change, and then on foot to the endless wilderness that opens up behind the village.


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