Am Botanischen Garten - At the Botanical Garden

At the Botanical Garden, Pin Oo Lwin 2018

The Kandawgyi National Botanical Garden is a 177 hectare huge garden in the alpine town of Pyin U Lwin at an altitude of 1000 meters and 69 km from Mandalay. It was first founded in 1915 as Maymyo Botanical Garden by Alex Roger, a forest official. The original site was 120,000 square meters and was modeled after the Kew Gardens of England with the help of a hobby gardener named Lady Cuffe.

In 1917 it was officially recognized by the government and declared in 1924 as a Botanical Reserve of the Government. On December 1, 1942, the Ministry of Forestry designated the Botanical Garden as a ‘protected forest area’. The garden helps to promote a comprehensive ecotourism in Burma.

The Botanical Garden has three museums. The fossil museum houses fossils of mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates. The Museum of Petrified Wood shows fossils of plants, colorful stones, roots of Toddy palms and plants. The Butterfly Museum has various species of butterflies from Nepal, Taiwan, South America, Japan, and Southeast Asia.


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