Das koloniale Pin Oo Lwin - The colonial Pin Oo Lwin

The colonial Pin Oo Lwin, Myanmar 2018

Pyin U Lwin, once the summer capital of the Raj in Burma, still has some of the “mountain station” look that cities like Darjeeling and Simla had in India in the 1960s and 1970s, due to its history as the summer capital and military center of the Indian army during the British colonial era it has a large Indian population as well as strong Anglo-Burmese and Anglo-Indian communities.

As a city near the border with China, many Chinese also settle in this pleasant mountain town. It is also a major market center for goods from the Shan State and Kachin Territories and an important military base. At an altitude of 1070 meters above sea level, there is an abundance of flowers, strawberries and coffee beans. The city and its surroundings are very green and together with the pleasant climate, they provide a relaxed atmosphere.


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