Am Bahnhof - At the train station

At the train station, Pin Oo Lwin 2018

After more than 50 kilometers from Mandalay, the train reaches the town of Pyin U Lwin, better known under the English name Maymyo. Here, the colonialists traveled from Mandalay, when they wanted to escape the heat of the city. If you travel by train, you make a longer stop, because, at this station, the strong locomotive for overcoming the altitude is changed. Also, many goods will land and land here.

But Pin Oo Lwin is not only interesting as a stop on the train journey to the north but also as a stopover because the town has much to offer. Apart from the colonial flair, which already welcomes you at the station, there are also various waterfalls and temples to visit, as well as a botanical garden.

The train station is north of the city and there are connections to and from Mandalay, Hsipaw, and Lashio. Trains from Mandalay arrive around 8:00. There are two daily trains to Hsipaw and Lashio. The journey takes about 6 hours or 10 hours and takes you over the famous Gokteik Viaduct.


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